AdSniper – is an automated ad placement system that builds demand and has an efficiency of context campaigns

Core figures

Programmatic Powerhouse

Programmatic Powerhouse

9+ Billion

daily ad placement requests


major ad networks available

5 min

takes to set up a campaign

20 000

targeting options across 50+ dimensions


professionals at your service

Core Figures

Core Figures


  • Display banners

    on desktop and mobile including rich-media

  • Video

    on desktop and mobile including in- and out-stream & video-banners

  • Native

    display & text ads and content-rolls

AD Formats & Buying options

AD Formats & Buying options
  • inventory of 10+ large SSPs and cross-network impressions frequency management

  • ongoing development of optimization tools that deliver reach, CPC, CPA and other goals

  • retargeting (including dynamic remarketing) allowing to reach out to the loyal audience & also lookalike targeting and real-time look-alike based on post-click

  • context targeting based on the keywords within the current page or previously visited ones

  • setting up and testing of the possible targeting hypotheses to increase system’s education pace

  • access to external DMPs and internal high-performance DMP allowing numerous targeting options

  • efficient brand safety engine filtering out dangerous content that includes tragedy, obscenity, swearing and so forth

  • support for any type of auction that is right for you: open, private or preferred deal

  • complex strategies execution (triggers based on the user behavior, user-creatives matching, etc.)

  • 50+ dimensions of targeting to improve reach without sacrificing the quality of the campaign

  • smart decision making algorithms set the bid level based on users' affinity with thousands of targeting segments

  • own data-crunching tech that is 10x faster than Hadoop backing up decision-making process

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Technology & Supremacy

Technology & Supremacy


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About Us
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