AdSniper. Who we are and what we do?

AdSniper is an independent DSP that enables to display ads (banners, teasers and video) on PCs, tablet PCs and mobile devices in real time. Our top priority is to turn ads into the stream of customized content that is useful / interesting for user and sponsored by advertisers, therefore we treat data we use and collect very carefully.
We collect non-personal data that allows us to determine the uniqueness of user while protecting his anonymity.

Such statistical non-personal data include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Users IP address;
- Users geographical location;
- Users OS type;
- Users browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Safari);
- Language of users browser;
- Data on websites visited by user (website addresses);
- Data on the shows of ads to users and users clicks on ads.

We use Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika web beacons to collect information related to the web traffic and number of visitors. These are the tools that enable us to measure the performance of the navigation on our website and provide personalized marketing messages. For more information on the cookies used by these websites, you can refer to their specific privacy statements listed below:

This Privacy and Data Processing Policy applies to all information and data we could receive about users when using our website and websites of our partners, customers, advertisers and contractors.

What are Cookies and why do we need them?

Cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server of a visited website and stored on the users computer.
Persistent Cookies allow not to enter login/password every time you visit a website. On some websites Cookies are being processed in such a way that the server can store information about what you were interested in on the website for providing you with relevant information when you visit this website next time. Besides, persistent Cookies allow advertisers to collect information about user’s interests and preferences in order to offer users their goods and services.
Ad revenues allow millions of websites to be free for users and Cookies make it possible for advertisers to raise ad revenue.
User may disable or remove Cookies at any time by changing the browser settings.

What is opt-out/opt-in and how does it work?

Data we receive from our partners and advertisers websites allow us to show ads that might be of interest to you, to remind you of the products you have shown interest before, to eliminate bots as well as to analyze the behavior of different user groups in order to contribute to the value of ads. All the data we receive about users is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

For mobile devices, please use one of the following opt-out options in your device’s system settings, in order to stop data from being collected for purposes of personalised advertising on that device:

- iOS - HERE
- Android - HERE


For personal information that we collect when you use or otherwise interact with partners that use our ad technology, please see the AdSniper Technology Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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